About Me

I am an Experience Designer with nearly a decade of experience working creatively in support of emerging technology research.

Most of my projects have required close working relationships with technical experts in fields such as robotics and machine learning.  I have learned how to lead creative teams through the process of translating technology into products with narratives that are engaging and useful for everyday people. The success of these collaborations has resulted in my work being featured at the Walt Disney World Parks, major retailers including Walmart, as well as SIGGRAPH, San Diego Comic-Con, and Dutch Design Week.


I value solutions that prioritize play, welcome emergent behavior, and invite people to reflect meaningfully on the world they live in. 





Design Strategy

Conceptual Development

User Experience





Exhibited Works

Adult Swim Rickflector - 2019

Deep Local 

   -San Diego Comic-Con 2019 | San Diego, CA


Disney’s Magic Bench - 2017

Disney Research Pittsburgh

   -SIGGRAPH 2017 | Los Angeles, CA

   -Grace Hopper 2017 Orlando, FL

   -Google SPAN 2017 | Pittsburgh, PA

   -Disney’s Polynesian Resort | Orlando, FL

   -Disney Fairy Tale Weddings | Orlando, FL


Build-A-Warrior - 2017

The Franklin Institute

   -The Franklin Institute | Philadelphia, PA

   -Pacific Science Center | Seattle, WA

Playful Self - 2015

Science Gallery Dublin

   -Science Gallery Dublin | Dublin, Ireland

   -Transnatural Art & Design | Amsterdam, Netherlands

   -Dutch Design Week 2015 | Eindhoven, Netherlands


SuperAwesomeMe - 2014


   -Walmart | Select Stores Nationwide

   -Target | Select Stores Nationwide

   -MLB Experience CES 2015 | Las Vegas, NV

   -San Diego Comic-Con 2014 | San Diego, CA

   -Game Development Conference 2014 | San Francisco, CA

   -E3 Ubisoft Uplay Lounge 2014 | Los Angeles, CA

Papillon - 2013

Disney Research Pittsburgh 

  -SIGGRAPH 2013 | Anaheim, CA

D-Tech Me - 2012

Disney Research Pittsburgh

   -Walt Disney World Resort | Orlando, FL

   -Disney’s Hollywood Studios | Orlando, FL


Disney’s Magic Bench - 2017

-Disney Weddings

Playful Self - 2015

-Fast Company




Papillon - 2013

-The Verge