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3D Work

For nearly a decade I have made a living as a 3D artist with a specialty in character modeling. I have created assets, renderings, and animations for a variety of applications including animated shorts, VFX composites, games, XR, 3D printing, concept imagery, technical demonstrations, robotic simulation, and machine learning data.


The work below represents a small sampling of my personal and professional practice.





Motion Capture

Preferred Tools

Autodesk Maya

Cinema 4D 



Autodesk Fusion 360

Substance Painter


Rick and Morty Rickflector

I was hired by Deep Local as a freelance artist to create Unity assets accurate to character art from the sci-fi cartoon Rick and Morty for the Adult Swim's Rickflector experience. Rickflector “first-of-its-kind” experience that combined body pose and facial expression tracking to transport fans to the world of Rick and Morty which debuted at San Deigo Comic-Con 2019.

Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor

This project was a two-part interactive installation for in the Terra Cotta Warriors of the First Emperor exhibition at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. I worked closely with the Franklin Institute's talented experience designer, Ethan Frier, to refine the design and complexity of the digital models for the 3d printed pieces. All the parts were printed in high resolution on an SLA printer and snap together using polarized magnets that only let certain parts attach in the right orientation.  


This interactive piece let visitors construct their own terracotta warrior using parts that snap together magnetically. The archeological record shows that the warriors were produced from standard arms, legs, and torsos which were crafted with reusable molds. Visitors piece together their own warrior or replicate one of the four that we provide the parts for.


This interactive piece allowed visitors to pretend to be archeologists, reassembling artifacts from broken fragments. It is a full-scale three-dimensional puzzle of a head of a warrior, and a shoulder.

Other Excerpts...

The gallery below shows some of the 3D models, renders, and composites I created for a variety of projects, including 3D printed figures and objects. 

Click on an image to find out more about it.

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